Monday, 4 June 2012

Sometimes it's better to not get involved..

Today was the weirdest day ever, so much happened and I don't even know where to start. Well first of all, I found out that it was Daisy that ran over Myrtle not Gatsby. But she never admitted it to Tom, Gatsby took the blame for it. So you can all guess what Tom's feelings are towards Gatsby. Tom absolutely hates Gatsby for running over Myrtle and for loving his wife, Daisy. Myrtle was Tom's lover, he always went to visit her at the Wilson's Garage, so of course he is going to hate Gatsby. Another reason that Tom hates Gatsby is because he told Tom that Daisy loved him. So now Tom hates Gatsby because he basically ruined his life. I think Tom told George Wilson that it was Gatsby that ran over Myrtle Wilson. Gatsby seems a little afraid because I think he figures that Tom told George that it was him. I stayed at my home in West Egg and kept my distance from all of the drama because I didn't want to get involved. Daisy tried to call a few times but I never answered, I knew what had happened and I didn't want to be on anyone's side. A few days after everything happened I decided to go over to Gatsby's house because I had heard a few gun shots. I walked over to his house nervously, my legs were so shaky, I didn't know what I would find. I walked everywhere in his house, calling his name, looking for him and no answer. I decided to walk around the back of his house to his pool and there he was floating in his pool, dead.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Now what do I do?..

I decided to go visit my cousin Daisy today because I hadn't seen her in a few days, when I showed up there Gatsby and Jordan were also there as well. When I first walked in the door I wondered why Gatsby was there? What does Tom think about this? Are they both cheating on each other, do both of them know that? I walked in the house awkwardly staring at everyone trying to comprehend what was going on. I watched Daisy as she studied Gatsby up and down, then she asked him if he would like to go to town with her for something to do. I don't know about you but if my wife wanted to go to town with another guy right in front of me I'd be so angry and confused. I think this is when Tom became extremely suspicious about their relationship, were they more then friends? Personally, I think they still love each other but I don't know why she married Tom if she was so madly inlove with Gatsby. Was she tired of waiting for him so she found someone else, I don't know. Tom spoke up when Daisy asked Gatsby to go to town with her he said, "Why don't we all go?" So then I rode with Jordan and Tom and Gatsby and Daisy ride in Tom's car. If I was Tom I'd tell my wife that she was riding with me not with her possible lover. But Tom didn't seem to care because he never really said anything about it or made it a big deal. On our way into town Tom, Jordan and I needed gas so we filled up at the Wilson's garage. George seemed worried about Myrtle because he thought she might be interested in someone else. I was speechless because I knew that "someone else" was Tom and he was talking right to him. Tom was standing there comforting George right in front of me and I knew he was a lieing to the poor guy. But what could I do, what  could I say? I didn't know what to do, he was cheating on my cousin and my cousin was sort of cheating on him too. When we got back into the car I just looked at Jordan, wondering what we should do, but she looked away. When we finally got into town and met up with Gatsby and Daisy, Gatsby walked over to Tom and told him that Daisy loved him. Tom was so mad I could see it in his eyes, he placed his hands over his eyes and shook his head. Tom walked over to him and I thought he was going to slap him but he just looked at him and said, "Get lost, go back to Long Island with her," and pointed at Daisy.  Daisy started to cry and left, then Jordan and I were stuck standing in the middle of the town with Tom.  Should I of said anything to him? But then Tom wanted to leave so we left, which was fine with me because it was so awkward. But on our way back to East Egg the weirdest thing happened, we were pulled over at the Wilson's Garage because someone had hit and killed Myrtle and just drove off. Who could it be? Was it Gatsby and Daisy? Did Daisy get Gatsby to do it on purpose? Did she know about Tom's affair? At this point Tom was tearful and confused but what did he want me to do? He was cheating on my cousin.

Should I get involved in their adultery?

Last weekend I decided to meet up with Jordan to go over to one of Jay Gatsby's parties.  There was a lot of people gathered there and nobody really knew much about Gatsby or his background. Jordan and I decided to tour around the party a bit and go snooping through Gatsby's library. We were very curious about him, well I know I was. I had lived beside him for a few months and didn't know anything about him, he was always coming and going. We couldn't really find much about him so that is why we gave up to go outside and watch the entertainment. It wasn't til then that we actually met Gatsby himself, sitting in his gazebo avoiding the party and the people. He didn't seem like much of a drinker, I think he just enjoyed the fame because everyone knew his name. I studied Gatsby a lot, that is when I come to realize that I had served World War I with him. He was the type of person that wasn't very open with people but when you got to know him he liked to brag a lot. We didn't talk much that night, we sat there most of the night watching the entertainment together. One thing that I thought was odd was when he asked about my cousin Daisy, he asked me a lot about her. I wondered how he knew her? Or how they met. It wasn't til later that night when Gatsby's servant told Jordan that Gatsby wanted to talk to her privately. So I sat there wondering what it could be about. Did Jordan lie to me? Does she actually know Gatsby really well? But then I thought why would she lie to me about that. When Jordan was finally done talking with Gatsby she told me that Gatsby is madly inlove with Daisy and that is why he asked about her. I was so shocked about this I could hardly comprehend it, how did they meet and when? I never would of guessed in a million years that Jay Gatsby, THE JAY GATSBY, was inlove with my cousin, Daisy. Not only that, Gatsby wanted me to set up a reunion for them to meet again. Should I support adultery and follow through with the reunion? Or should I try and save Daisy's marriage by not telling her at all.

Does anyone really understand the meaning of love?

Today was quite the adventure, I went with Tom to the Wilson's Garage to meet Myrtle, this is the first time I have ever met her. Tom and Myrtle's relationship is very compelling to me. They act like they're just friends but Tom encouraged her to come back to his apartment, to have a few drinks. Myrtle seemed very loud and rowdy, she was the type of person who didn't know when to stop drinking. I don't really know what to think of her right  now, I didn't know too much about her. While we were at the apartment I wondered what her husband George thought about her leaving with some man? Was he not suspicious of who he was or why they were leaving together? Myrtle and Tom had seemed like they have known each other for years, how long have they had this little fling going on? I thought about asking Tom what was going on, but I wanted to be certain of what I thought. I am very surprised that Tom wanted me to go with him to meet up with Myrtle and have drinks with them later. Was he not afraid that I would tell Daisy? Or is that what he wanted. The more and more that Myrtle would drink the louder she would get. She started bad talking my cousin Daisy, but I wasn't sure if I should intervene. Did she know that Daisy was my cousin? Why did she hate her so much? I thought she might be just jelous of Tom and Daisy's marriage or maybe Daisy confronted her about Tom before. I didn't know what I should do, so I just sat there listening to Myrtle bad talk my cousin. I didn't know if it bothered Tom until he yelled at her to stop, but she wouldn't listen. I could tell then that it bothered him because I had never heard him yell like that before. Myrtle didn't care though she kept talking and talking about Daisy, when finally Tom had had enough and drove her right square in the nose. That is when I got up and left because I didn't want to be involved in the drama. This is when I thought to myself, does anyone really understand the meaning of love? Does Tom even love Daisy?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Who is this interesting girl?..

I went to visit my cousin Daisy today, and I couldn't help but notice this elegant lady lounging on her couch. Her name was Jordan Baker and she is a pro golfer. She appears to be an interesting person, the kind of person that pulls you in more and more when you talked to them, wanting to know more. While Daisy and her husband Tom talked, I sat by Jordan and became intrigued by her soothing voice and wanted to discover more about her. I wondered how long Jordan had known my cousin, because I have never heard about her before and she seemed to know a lot about Daisy and Tom. Were Daisy and Jordan best friends? How come I had never met her before? I should have asked her more questions but Tom's phone rang when we were all sitting there, and it became complete silence because everyone was curious as to who it was. We all sat there in a blank stare, watching Tom walk down the hallway and out of our site. The silence and curiosity made Daisy move and follow Tom as he chased away from her, not wanting her to hear the conversation. That is when I became curious as well and frustrated at Tom. Why was he running away from Daisy? What was he trying to hide from her? These two were the type of people who never kept secrets from one another that is why I was so interested. When Jordan looked over at me and realized that I was in deep thought about what was going on, she leant over and told me that she knew what was going on. I was surprised that she knew considering I had just met her, she knew more then anyone would have expectected. She said these exact words, "It's Tom's lover." Why would Tom ever do that to Daisy? She loves him and wouldn't ever do anything to hurt him. After she told me that I just sat there without saying a word because questions just kept running through my head. Had Jordan told Daisy about this? Or was she a fake friend and just really wanted information about the town to spread. What could I say at this point that was my cousin that Tom was cheating on and I didn't want to be the one to break her heart.